ConsensusDocs provides contracts that utilize industry best practices, reducing your transaction time and costs in reaching a final agreement.

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Two full series (700 and 900);
One series with none (500)

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Total Docs Not Included: 61
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Total Docs Included: 110
Total Docs Not Included: 0
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The primary and very practical benefit of ConsensusDocs is that these model documents greatly facilitate the negotiation process between prime and…

Carole L. Bionda

I recommend ConsensusDocs to all NSA and ASM members, and to all project participants seeking a fair and balanced contract. ConsensusDocs contracts…

Carrie L. Ciliberto, Esq.

The new ConsensusDocs platform has been instrumental in our ability to meet our client’s needs in an efficient manner.  The website is easy to…

David S. Demian

BIM is transforming the construction process and the ConsensusDocs BIM Addendum provides a balanced approach for all parties, including design…

Davis Chauviere

I recommend ConsensusDocs to my clients – Owners, General Contractors, and Subcontractors, alike – as a better alternative to other standard industry …

Philip E. Beck

Over seven years ago, COAA and several other construction organizations began a process to develop a set of model contract documents that fairly…

Theodore (Ted) E. Argyle, Esq.